"You are truly talented at what you do, you know just how to capture the right image and you are so warm and friendly to work with. I am so glad to discover this side of you, you will be my photographer for more maternity pics and baby Caroline's first pics and more!!! Love Your passion!"
-Monica M.

"There is one thing in this life you cannot take back, time...  Amanda Bondurant does an amazing job of capturing time and making it a beautiful treasure to always have! Thank you for all the little treasures you have given my family over the years :)"
-Holly G.
( wedding, engagement, family and maternity sessions)

"One of the most beautiful pictures I've seen! I can't stop thinking about it. Kudos! It takes my breath away. You caught everything in it, movement, light, color, nature and depth. Seriously, I’ve studied it.It's hard to capture all that. Cheers!"
-Angie B.
(family, child modeling, sport sessions)

"Amanda, There are no amount of thank you's to compensate for what you do. I haven't decided if you're not just mentally ill or if you're a saint. Either way, it is overwhelming and humling. I just love you so much and consider myself so lucky to have you in my life."
-Starry W.
(wedding, family and modeling sessions)

"Amanda there is no way to say thank you for everything you did for us. It's greatly appreciated!"
-Shane W. 

 Very creative and amazing job, this is definitely your gift. 
-Cody M.

"Amanda, you took an ordinary day and transformed it into extraordinary photos. Thank you!"
- Brandi.S.

"Neat backgrounds! I like the way their eyes stand out."
-Robert S.

"I love the styles of these pictures!"
-Cory B.